Hi.  I’m Caitlyn.  I’ve come to start a blog because I bake far too often at home not to focus that energy in multiple ways.  I figure, if I create something good, its worth sharing.  I like to push my taste buds.  Because my three favorite things are spicy, salty, and sweet, I try to have them combined as much as possible. To pair ingredients you wouldn’t necessarily or naturally pair together.  I suppose that’s why I’ve named the blog what I have.  And don’t worry, come peach season there will be a salted peach recipe.  Count on it.

I decided after graduating with an English degree that writing may not be the most solid source of income.  So I went with the other  love of my life.  Now I’ve graduated culinary school and work as a full time pastry baker, and I still come home and bake.  You’d think I’d tire of it, but baking on a schedule is very different to baking with Ella Fitzgerald and a bottle of beer in your slippers.

So please enjoy, or don’t enjoy, but try.  Its worth expanding your palate and trying new things.  Or making the classics.  Its all good for the soul.


And a very important note: all photos are taken by the talented and good-looking Dylan Wilbur. You can see his other photos on his flickr page or peruse his video and film productions at dylanwilbur.com.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. You’re right! I’ve had black beans in my cupboard that look so uninteresting.
    But in your brownies-like wow! They look like overgrown coffee bean took a chance with chocolate and walnuts. Who would have thought? My mouth is watering….

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